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Old Forest School

The property
Old Forest School was built in the early 1930’s to serve as a school, gathering place and hub for a small (but thriving) rural community in Pongakawa. The school shut down in the 80’s and like many historic New Zealand properties, time took its toll. The buildings and property lost some of their former luster.   Enter the McMahon family, with a thirst for hard work and a vision to restore a historic property. Fast forward through six years of hard kiwi slog and determination and this collection of beautiful buildings have been restored to their former glory. Particular attention has been paid to ensure the property retained its’ unique character and schoolhouse charm.
This summer there’s a new space at Old Forest School. It’s a botanical inspired space called The Fernery.
The space is filled with ferns and other plants.  Already its been a huge hit with couples, photographers and guests.
The Fernery is a great place to escape the hot sun, chill out and enjoy a drink with friends (its located very close to the bar after all).
There’s bound to be a lot more photos taken inside The Fernery over the summer.
Not wanting to be upstaged by the new addition of The Fernery, the famous outdoor ceremony spot at Old Forest School has received an upgrade. The old doors and wall have gone replaced by a new reclaimed timber and tin arch. Already its proved a hit.
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