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This isn’t as easy as it should be

This isn’t as easy as it should be

We have heard the frustration that becomes evident from Couples who are attempting to plan their weddings from overseas, in either New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, who have said they are unable to make contact with vendors, maintain good contact, or vendors details are wrong altogether.

“We tried to plan our Wedding from Australia in a coastal town 

in New Zealand, it was extremely difficult and we almost gave up because

 we couldn’t get hold of vendors and the communication was sparse”

Recently married Bride

Let us sit in the Bride or Groom to be’s shoes. I want to plan the Wedding Day of my Dreams. I live in Australia. New Zealand is my home. I am unable to take the time to jet set off to New Zealand and meet and greet the vendors I wish to provide services at my Wedding. My next stop is the Internet. Go too’s are Google and then Facebook. I find an online Directory that has everything right in front of me too. However, I go to the Website listed for my vendor and the email bounces back. I have called them numerous times and I had no reply. How are we supposed to organise our Dream Wedding Day if I am unable to get ahold of my vendors?

As a business, because that’s what vendors are, are you easily accessible? Can a bride or groom have reassurance of your ability to provide the service they pay you for without having to “chase you”? Is this really why Wedding Planners are becoming a real important role in managing these types of events, because they have reliable networks of small businesses, that include all the vendors you need. Are you undercutting yourself by not being part of a wider group and or essentially just keeping up with technology to ensure you are providing the best possible chance for your small business.

We here at Our Wedding are not only providing you and your business with an opportunity to market yourself, advertise yourself in your region or just ensure you are visible to Couples, we are here as Virtual Wedding Coordinators to assist Couples in pointing them in your direction. To do that, we also need to be able to easily communicate with you, just like Couples. “Because our Business is Your Business”.

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