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It’s. Your. Wedding.

It’s. Your. Wedding.

What a hybrid of tradition, expectation and dreams we currently live in within the World of Weddings. Nothing seems to be as straight forward as once was and nothing is set in stone as what some would like it to be. I hear repeatedly Couple’s struggling with what they feel is required of them by family or parents, my response would always be the same, “what do you want? because it’s your wedding”.

Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”

The Knot

So where does it all come from? And why do we have to have it all? Or why don’t we won’t tradition? And who is telling us we can or can’t? Confusing and frustrating isn’t it. Following on from Great Expectations, the blog before this one, we need to really understand ourselves and our thinking to understand why we make the decisions we do or why we are considering making the choices we are. Who are we pleasing? SOUNDS AWFULLY STRESSFUL. And it is.

Observing the ins and outs of Couples interacting with the Wedding Industry has often left me thinking of what some couples must end up like leading up to their wedding day, a heap of overwhelming emotion some of them, or for others who have money its like a walk in the park. For Wedding businesses and services who all want to make the day as memorable as possible also need to take into consideration that for them it needs to be profitable.

So where is the compromise?

We now get the picture that there are two Worlds of emotions intertwining and with that can come miscommunication, hurt, anger, distrust, you name it everyone seems to be feeling it at one time or another. Even Nana. So we are drawn back to what are your expectations and why, it’s your wedding, ensure it remains that way. Draw clear boundaries and understandings between you as a Couple first and foremost. The next is to decide on what you both want, non-negotiables vs can change. Be on the same page and the planning process has a wonderful foundation for success. State your budget, thats not really always a not negotiable even though it could change over time, that is your starting point. And then work through the priorities from there.

We here at Our Wedding cannot stress enough the importance of knowing your “why” with any decision you make in life and because this is a shared decision both you and your fiance need to agree. The process will be a lot simpler on both of you. We are always here to support you if you get stuck and you will have moments, but they are only moments. It is another important point to make to say communicate all the time with your vendors, whether your wedding is a year away, mark your calendars and schedule check ins because inevitably things change.

So remember It’s. Your. Wedding. If you want Nana to take you seriously, take yourself seriously when making a decision,

Sincerely, Catherine

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