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Great Expectations

Great Expectations

When you really think about a Wedding, where do we get our idea of what is expected of us on our day? Is it because we were taught to have the traditional or not so traditional order of events or is it simply a societal pressure to ensure you have all the “must dos”?

I was talking to my husband the other day about the realities of Weddings. We were fortunate because neither of us had any prescribed ideas of what we wanted our wedding day to look like. Thinking about it now I don’t consider we had a traditional wedding day nor do I think we had anything out of the ordinary. But also thinking about it, where did the idea of what we had on the day come from? I have since come to observe the Wedding Industry and all those involved, expectations seem to be the underbelly of the planning process and can create confusion and frustration.

“The budget, how much is enough or too much? How many guests should I have? Who do I invite? Where do I get married? What colour should the Bridesmaids dress be?”

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As a starting point this is where Our Wedding Virtual Wedding Coordinators came to life for us. I read over and over Couples emotional battle with Wedding Planning, even to the point of “giving up” and deciding on a registry office ceremony. And in reality I know it is just a moment, that the Couple would never have started on this journey if they didn’t really want to go through with it and that these periods of emotion pass, eventually. However we wanted to provide another solution.

So how do we help? When it all gets too much or you feel like you need to talk to someone that is impartial and empathetic to your plight, understands the planning process, the emotional roller coaster and the pressure that is often felt in these times, you have us to talk to. You have us to listen. As an added extra we not only come armed with ways of coping, we come with people who can help you on this journey and we come with options to make this planning business a little easier.

Because no matter how good the Wedding Planner template you have is, no matter how good your friends, family or fiance is, at some point having someone else that will listen is just the answer. So know that no matter where you are at in your wedding planning journey the team at Our Wedding are here no matter what.

Sincerely, Catherine

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